Barrigona Beach Tour (10$)

Barrigona is a must see while staying in Samara!! With its white sand and crystal clear water this beach counts as one of the nicest on the pacific coast. In our tour we will explore the surroundings, play with the waves and chill out with some cold beers until sunset.

Belen Waterfall Tour (10$)

The Belen Waterfall is located about 20 min. car ride from Samara.  Here you can swim in the cold, refreshing waters or even jump from the top.

Jungle hike & Lookout (10$)

The hike will lead us through en empty riverbed until we reach a small waterhole. After a little swim break we are driving to the mountain top and enjoy the sunset overlooking Samara and Carrillo beach.

Crockodiles & Rockpool (10$)

On our way to Carrillo beach we will stop at a river where you can see crocodiles in the wild and even feed them. After some chill out time at the beach we will drive up to the natural rockpool. There you can enjoy the sunset surrounded by smashing waves.

Tours in Samara



Quad Tours explore Samara and its surrounding areas by Quad from 60$
Turtle Tours watch turtles come ashore, dig nests, lay eggs from 45$
Hiking Tours exciting hike through the Werner Sauter Biological Reserve from 40$
Horseriding enjoy Samara beach on horse and gallop into the sunset from 40$
Gyrocopter Flights unforgettable flightexperience over ocean, beaches and jungle from 110$
Zip-lining zip-line through the jungle and enjoy gorgeous coastal views from 60$
Kayaking Ocean- and Riverkayaking are avaliable from 40$
Boat Tours see dolphins and whales and snorkel around the island from 55$
Watersports Choice of flyboarding, scubadiving and dive-boarding from60$
Yoga lessons beach yoga with certified teacher from 10$